Aloe Plus Colors

Welcome to the world of Aloe Plus Colors! In a world full of perfumes and colors! In a world with a vision and goal to respect even the most sensitive skins by providing products with unique quality and wonderful textures! In a world where the creation of new, innovative Greek cosmetics is our source of […]

Men’s Skin Care

Many people believe that beauty and skincare are feminine because women have always been looking for ways to be more beautiful and attractive. And this had to do with all the stages of external appearance, both in clothes and accessories, as well as in the cosmetic care of the skin, for which there are countless […]

8 Ways Not to Get Sick During a Trip

There is a popular expression for travel that says it is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. While this may be true, it can also make us sick. Whether you are preparing your family for a road trip or flying around the world, the holidays often come with unexpected surprises that can […]

5 Reasons To Use Sunscreen Daily

The benefits of sunscreen The skin is your largest organ and has basic functions, such as protecting your body from germs, as well as regulating your body temperature. While your skin also offers protection for your body from the sun’s rays, this does not mean that you should go out without giving your skin adequate […]

6 Myths About Vitamins

Vitamins are organic substances – or groups of related substances – found in many foods. They have specific biochemical functions and are generally not made in the body (or not in sufficient quantity for good health). They are essential nutrients that are needed in very small quantities to maintain good health. The effects of vitamins […]