Men’s Skin Care

Many people believe that beauty and skincare are feminine because women have always been looking for ways to be more beautiful and attractive. And this had to do with all the stages of external appearance, both in clothes and accessories, as well as in the cosmetic care of the skin, for which there are countless examples from antiquity.

Cosmetics for men: Demystify now!

Too often men neglect their skin, believing that all the products on the market are designed for women. However, in recent years, skin care products for men are becoming more and more popular, breaking the “taboos” of the past. Those who are still skeptical about the use of cosmetics, all they have to think about is that our skin is the body’s first line of defense against disease and germs. It is a mirror of the general health of our body.

It is a fact, however, that men were equally in need of care and treatment, starting first of course from ancient Greece, where a beautiful appearance and a well-groomed body were inextricably linked to a cultured spirit and a beautiful soul.

After all, who does not feel good when their skin and hair feel beautiful and healthy?

Based on what criteria can a man choose a product for his skin?

The most important parameters that set the selection rules according to the needs of the man are:

1. His phototype, for example, if his skin is light or dark
2. The dryness or oiliness of his skin
3. The tendency for acne
4. If he has irritated skin
5. If he shows intolerance or allergy to certain ingredients
6. The signs of aging and their intensity

As we age, our skin loses its elastic nature. What everyone will use to protect their skin depends on themselves. Of course, regardless of the different skin abnormalities or the individual needs of each, there are some specific options depending on the age. For example, a moisturizer after shaving can be started relatively early while an anti-aging product will be used at an age after 30-35.

One thing you will definitely find out. How everyone has the same need for care, but many of them may not even realize it, either because it is not a priority for them, because they have not learned to take care of themselves, or finally because they have not yet discovered the ideals products for them, who will love them for their feel and effectiveness.


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